The new Hard Rock guitar hotel’s pool is going to be ridiculous. Let’s discuss.

A look at the construction of the Hard Rock’s new guitar shaped hotel, which is set to open in October 2019. 

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Hard Rock Guitar Hotel

A look at the construction of the Hard Rock’s new guitar shaped hotel, which is set to open in October 2019. 

We have got to talk about the pool at the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The hotel has officially announced its opening date – Oct. 24 – and somehow they allowed us a sneak peek at what’s going on there.

What’s going on there is construction. What can you expect? We’re talking about a $1.5 billion project with a guitar-shaped tower with 638 luxury guestrooms and an adjacent 168-room tower called the Oasis Tower.

Right about now you’re thinking: Forget the Oasis Tower, I want to stay in the guitar. We don’t blame you. But here’s the thing: If you stay in the Oasis Tower, you get a killer view of the guitar. You can’t see the guitar from the guitar because physics.

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From either spot, you also get a great view of the lagoon and pool area, which is the second-most amazing thing about this project (we’ll give you that the guitar hotel, the only one of its kind, comes first). At the present moment the pool and lagoon lack water, but we can already tell you, this is going to be something. Here’s what it will look like eventually:

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A rendering of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s pool area.

If you’re in a room on the first floor of the Oasis, you can step off your balcony right into a pool. Seriously. RIGHT INTO THE POOL.

Well, not right at this moment. There’s no water there and that could be painful. But eventually.

When it’s complete, this space will be a pool. Guests with balconies on the first floor can walk out and step directly into the pool.

There’s also a 13.5 acre lagoon, with not one, not two, but three waterfall areas. Do you want to sit on a beach? You can sit on a beach. Do you want to avoid annoying people who aren’t related to you? We do. In that case you can sneak off to your own private tropical lagoon.

You can also get out into an open expanse of water the size of three football fields and canoe, paddleboard or engage in other vigorous water sports.

Then there’s the full Bora Bora experience, which involves reserving a private villa with a plunge pool, private bathroom and butler service. We are having that Bora Bora experience if it kills us.

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Hard Rock guitar hotel pool area

A look at the ongoing construction of the Hard Rock’s guitar shaped hotel’s pool area.

The Hard Rock is also refurbishing the Hard Rock Live entertainment venue. The new Hard Rock Live will have 6,500 seats and opens Oct. 25 with a concert by Maroon 5. Andrea Bocelli is scheduled for Nov. 7. Eventually artists may schedule eight, 10 or 15-show Vegas-style residencies.

Want to book a room? The Hard Rock will start taking reservations on July 24. If you’ve got that big money, rent the penthouse in the cut in the guitar.

Penthouse, anyone?

All we know is, things are definitely different in Hollywood, where the Seminole tribe first started out in the bingo and cigarette business.

Chris Osceola of the Tribal Council put it this way: “When you think of Hollywood, you usually think of Hollywood, California. This guitar’s going to change that.”

Especially if you get a look at that pool.

Construction crews are still working on The Oculus, part of the interior of the guitar hotel, which will blend music, water and light in a choreographed show.